Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye California...Hello Kentucky

So....we got the call. The union has work for my Mister in Kentucky.


They gave us the call this morning, and want us there by next Monday morning. That only gives us six days to pack and get there! What a rushed way to leave the state!  I have to pack what I can into Mister's car, pack all the animals in mine, and away we go.  I'll return to California in a couple of weeks to pick up our furniture and drive it out in Mister's parent's trailer. We'll be staying at the farm in Indiana until I can find a place for us to rent in Kentucky.

I am going to miss my family so much.  As exciting as this is...I'm really sad and it kinda hurts.

My brother and sisters

My beautiful mom

Love you guys more than you'll ever know...

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