Saturday, August 28, 2010

Evansville - Little California?

Mister and I decided to drive down to Evansville, Indiana today and check it out. We've been told by several people that it's a 'Little California'. So we just had to judge for ourselves. It's actually not too shabby.

Oh the sweet, sweet taste of a Starbucks Iced Tea with light water and 7 pumps of sweetener.... I had to drive to Evansville just to get one! Evansville just so happens to be 49 miles about dedication.
I got two while we there... Bad Colleen.

I found this interesting.  Target is apparently a Greatland when it sells groceries.  I didn't think we had these in California, but turns out there are a few.

A quick lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. You can throw your peanut shells on the floor.  We though that was cool.

They had really cute signs all over the restaurant... I liked this one. 

We were pretty tired when we got back, but decided to cook our dinner on an open fire anyway... Cause we can do that now...

'til next time...

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