Monday, August 16, 2010

Charming Crystal Cove

We made a day trip to Crystal Cove in Laguna today. It was a little overcast, which made it the perfect weather for me.

The Cove consists of cottages for rent in a historic district of the Crystal Cove State Park. There is also a restaurant, snack shack, bar and a store. Pretty much everything restored to way it looked in the 1930s, with cheery colors and long boards. It is just the cutest little place!

While we were walking through the state park, I came upon these succulent flowers that I can't identify. Any help? They look like a form of berry almost.

This was the first time I had ever been to a tide pool - it was amazing. Here is a photo of an anemone and a hermit crab.

This little crab was seriously about to kick my butt if I didn't get the camera out of his face.

There were areas that you couldn't step on because the anemone were so thick.

It was a great trip overall. I kinda wish I had gotten to see a starfish or sea cucumber though... Maybe on the next trip.

'til next time...

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  1. You know I looked into renting one of the cabanas once, (even more charming from your pov by the way) and there's a serious wait list, like therey're already booked for summer of 2011.


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