Monday, August 23, 2010

Anywhere I Lay My Head is Home

Lately, I feel like this is all I see....
one crappy hotel after another.


The entire drive to Indiana, the cats shoved themselves behind my passengar seat.  They did this voluntarily, so I can't imagine they spent three days like this because it was uncomfortable.  I think they just like to sleep in weird places.

Oh my goodness, this time the drive was miserable.  Mister and I had to drive seperately, each in our own car, which meant I had to drive the entire 2,000 miles by myself, with a car full of animals... Never, ever again if I can help it.

 My car was a little worse for the wear after making the trip.  I ran over a tire on the I-40, which tore up my front bumper...and it took quite a while to get all the darn bugs off.

The farm was the nicest site I had seen in a while.  This is where we will be hanging our hats (laying our heads) for the next couple of weeks, until I can find a place to rent for us...

Then we'll be laying our heads elsewhere (this is the part I'm trying not to stress out about...)

'til next time...

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