Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I stumbled across a wasps nest this last weekend. It was on the side of the barn and covered in wasps, so it unfortunately had to come down.  I snapped a few pictures before the guys insisted on disposing of it.

It's nothing completley spectacular to look at - but I'm used to seeing California wasps nest that have maybe 10-12 cells on them max... This guy was as big as my shoe!

The picture below shows the eggs that have been laid in the individual cells starting to develop into larvae. It almost looks like the queen lays the eggs on the side of the cell...

Here are a couple of larvae that are kinda sticking out of the cells. They are so fat there is hardly any wiggle room for them at all. Once the larvae start to pupate, the adult wasps will cover them with with a papier-mâché dome.

Now, I was curious as to what was under those little papier-mâché domes, so feeling like a mean little kid, I took a couple off. Here is a shot of some almost completely formed wasps in thier cells.

(they look like really big maggots with little faces)

You can see the tiny wings just starting to develop along the sides of her back.  The wasp is very soft and delicate at this point. 

This fully developed wasp actually started to crawl out of one of the cells.  Freaked me the hell out.

Aaaaaannnnnd, unless something spectacular happens, I think that will be the extent of my fooling around with wasps. 
I really do feel quite bad about killing the nest.

'til next time...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Evansville - Little California?

Mister and I decided to drive down to Evansville, Indiana today and check it out. We've been told by several people that it's a 'Little California'. So we just had to judge for ourselves. It's actually not too shabby.

Oh the sweet, sweet taste of a Starbucks Iced Tea with light water and 7 pumps of sweetener.... I had to drive to Evansville just to get one! Evansville just so happens to be 49 miles away...talk about dedication.
I got two while we there... Bad Colleen.

I found this interesting.  Target is apparently a Greatland when it sells groceries.  I didn't think we had these in California, but turns out there are a few.

A quick lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. You can throw your peanut shells on the floor.  We though that was cool.

They had really cute signs all over the restaurant... I liked this one. 

We were pretty tired when we got back, but decided to cook our dinner on an open fire anyway... Cause we can do that now...

'til next time...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Anywhere I Lay My Head is Home

Lately, I feel like this is all I see....
one crappy hotel after another.


The entire drive to Indiana, the cats shoved themselves behind my passengar seat.  They did this voluntarily, so I can't imagine they spent three days like this because it was uncomfortable.  I think they just like to sleep in weird places.

Oh my goodness, this time the drive was miserable.  Mister and I had to drive seperately, each in our own car, which meant I had to drive the entire 2,000 miles by myself, with a car full of animals... Never, ever again if I can help it.

 My car was a little worse for the wear after making the trip.  I ran over a tire on the I-40, which tore up my front bumper...and it took quite a while to get all the darn bugs off.

The farm was the nicest site I had seen in a while.  This is where we will be hanging our hats (laying our heads) for the next couple of weeks, until I can find a place to rent for us...

Then we'll be laying our heads elsewhere (this is the part I'm trying not to stress out about...)

'til next time...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Brother!

Yay! I got a new sewing machine! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sandy, so much for the wonderful gift!

I guess you can have yours back now. :)

It's got so many cool stitches... Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  My head is spinning with ideas.

'til next time....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ivan the Terrible

Happy Belated Birthday Ashley! I know he was a month and a half late, but I finally finished him!

This little guy, whom Ashley has named Ivan the Terrible, made its home with my brother's girlfriend.  I know she'll take great care of him.
Close up of his peg leg

He came out so much messier than I thought he would - but I think it's good, cause he's a dirty scoundrel pirate anyway!

I had to rush to finish him since we got the call to leave the state, which only left me a couple of days to pack and wrap him up! I apologize for the not-so-great pics, but again, I was really rushed.

'til next time....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye California...Hello Kentucky

So....we got the call. The union has work for my Mister in Kentucky.


They gave us the call this morning, and want us there by next Monday morning. That only gives us six days to pack and get there! What a rushed way to leave the state!  I have to pack what I can into Mister's car, pack all the animals in mine, and away we go.  I'll return to California in a couple of weeks to pick up our furniture and drive it out in Mister's parent's trailer. We'll be staying at the farm in Indiana until I can find a place for us to rent in Kentucky.

I am going to miss my family so much.  As exciting as this is...I'm really sad and it kinda hurts.

My brother and sisters

My beautiful mom

Love you guys more than you'll ever know...

Oh, The Pretty Little Things...

This beautiful creature was kind enough to grace me with his presence today. 

He matched my shirt almost perfectly!

I believe he had been hit by a passing bicyclist and then kind of spiraled into me. I let him rest for a minute and then put him on a bush.

Another pretty thing?

An unopened Sprinkles Cupcakes box!

Banana w/Chocolate Frosting & Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting
It just get better looking all the time!

Sometimes you need to take a step back from the stress and see the pretty.

'til next time...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Charming Crystal Cove

We made a day trip to Crystal Cove in Laguna today. It was a little overcast, which made it the perfect weather for me.

The Cove consists of cottages for rent in a historic district of the Crystal Cove State Park. There is also a restaurant, snack shack, bar and a store. Pretty much everything restored to way it looked in the 1930s, with cheery colors and long boards. It is just the cutest little place!

While we were walking through the state park, I came upon these succulent flowers that I can't identify. Any help? They look like a form of berry almost.

This was the first time I had ever been to a tide pool - it was amazing. Here is a photo of an anemone and a hermit crab.

This little crab was seriously about to kick my butt if I didn't get the camera out of his face.

There were areas that you couldn't step on because the anemone were so thick.

It was a great trip overall. I kinda wish I had gotten to see a starfish or sea cucumber though... Maybe on the next trip.

'til next time...

Today I...

Harassed my dogs while they were trying to take a nap on the bed.

I'm of the strong opinion that Mobee snoot is one of the best things in the world to photograph...and kiss.

'til next time...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Special Dinner for a Special Dog

Crystal is a special dog. At least if you ask her she is. 

So we thought we'd give her the special dog treatment and take her out to dinner with us to my favorite place to eat right now...

What a lucky dog!

She even got her own plate of a beef patty and fried egg! 

Of course as soon as she finished that she was asking for ours.

It was a very yummy dinner. 

I'm going to miss Johnny Rockets if we end up moving...

Now that I see how tight her harness is getting, I'm thinking Johnny Rockets might not have been the greatest idea after all...

She enjoys her car rides so much. Loves to stick her head out the window and let her ears flap in the wind.

I wish I could get a better picture of her with her head out the window. They all usually come out pretty fuzzy though. I can see with amazing clarity, however, the guy riding our ass in the picture. Got to love California drivers. 

'til next time.....