Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've Got Some New Hooters!

I did it! I made an item of clothing. Probably one of the easiest items I could have chosen.....but they withstood the washer, so I'm proud. These flannel pajama pants were made using a pattern... I was actually crazy enough to think (for just a moment, mind you) that I might be able to pull off making them without a pattern.... Ah, I chuckle to myself. Even with the pattern I was scratching my head. Those things are very hard to read. Left me feeling kind of like an idiot... :)

Here is a photo of me wearing the finished product. They came out HUGE! I made them using the template for a small, but I swear you could fit two of me in there! And of course, the day that I finished them turned out to be a sunny 89 they'll most likely be going back in the drawer until the weather cools off. No one ever said I had good timing....

Close up of the fabric pattern. I love, love, love owls. Aren't they just the cutest? As difficult as these were to make, I know I'll make more...just to torture myself... 

til next time....

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