Monday, February 8, 2010

The Birth of Plucky

Figured since I am semi-retiring my teeny, tiny sewing machine, I would post a picture of the last doll that I made on it. 

I saw this little guy on the cover of Linda Kopp's Plush-o-rama and decided to try to create him from memory. Please keep in mind, I'm teaching myself to sew and I haven't been at this for very long. His body is made of anti-pill fleece, and I used felt for his wings, legs and facial features. It looks like I might have rushed stuffing his head just a wee bit, it's a little lumpy. Considering what I was using to sew him, I'm very happy with the way he came out. *Insert pat on back here*

Parting shot of the Shark in action. We will not miss you little guy.

Tried coming up with something to sew today. So very, very tired from my medication increase. Thinking seems almost impossible. I purchased this wonderfully plush sherpa fleece in hot pink the other day; stared at it for about 2 hours before I finally decided to try a Junker Jane plush monster that I saw in Stuffed magazine. Junker Jane is so unbelievably creative and unique. Maybe one day I'll have lovelies as creative and unique of my own...

'til next time...

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